Covid19 Heroes - Thank you Massachusetts Lawn Sign
Covid19 Heroes - Thank you Patriotic Lawn Sign

Thank COVID-19 Heroes


We are excited to announce that Covid-19 Heroes is partnering with Village Bank. As of today all Newton residents may receive a free Thank You Covid-19 Heroes lawn sign. Once you order your lawn sign you’ll be able to make a donation to one of the following Newton Covid-19 relief funds:

Newton Wellesley Hospital-Covid-19 Fund
Newton Covid-19 Care Fund
Newton Food Pantry

100% of your donation will go toward the charity of your choice. Additionally, if you’d like to honor a frontline worker when you make your donation you’ll be able to do so. We will let them know that you’ve made a contribution to the charity of your choice in their name and that you are displaying a yard sign with them in mind.

We’ve seen some true acts of heroism during the COVID-19 pandemic. Doctors and nurses logging superhuman shifts, caring for the ill at crowded Boston hospitals. Workers unloading trucks, stocking the shelves, and running the registers, at Whole Foods and Star Market, so that our quarantined families can eat. “T” and bus drivers shuttling us around, when we absolutely must leave the house. So many of us want to say thanks to our frontline heroes, in a way they hear, but don’t know how to do so while in lockdown. Here’s a novel and effective means of doing so: the CV-19 Heroes yard sign.

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